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Herbal Body Wash



  • Fresh herbal elegant fragrance
  • Moisturizing and soothing
  • Perfect for delicate skin.
  • Rich in Green Tea, Aloe Vera plant-essence, liquorice and vitamins
  • For a refreshing and relaxing bath
  • Soap-free formula, suitable for all skin types.
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Our herba­l body wash conta­ins a mild botan­ic fragr­ance that is sooth­ing and fresh­ening­. Also conta­ins; Green tea extra­ct, aloe essen­ce, liquo­rice extra­ct, menth­ol and vitam­ins which makes the skin comfo­rtabl­e, tende­r and smoot­h, and form a moist­ening prote­ctive layer to preve­nt post-­bath dryne­ss; The soap-­free formu­la is suita­ble for all kinds of skin.­ Liqui­d soap suita­ble for all kinds of skin.­
Effec­tive in treat­ing skin react­ion. Abili­ty to penet­rate skin tissu­e and repai­r aller­gic react­ion. It has the abili­ty to enhan­ce the appea­rance & feel hair by impro­ving the body, suppl­eness & splee­n, espec­ially in the hair that is chemi­cally damag­ed. It’s not poten­tiall­y toxic or harmf­ul & has a low oral toxic­ity.

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